2017 Heifers

Tx Longhorn.JPG

Y4 Astounding Annabelle

This long legged girl was born 12/21/17 out of the tall, droopy twisted horned JTW Emperor's Eva and by Y4 Maverick Man.   TLBAA CI311685.  NFS


Heaven's to Betsy 

Oh heaven's to Betsy, look at this beautiful heifer and gorgeous mom!  Betsy was born 10/29/17 to 2LB Glory Hallelujah by a very nice young bull 2LB Quigley.  Betsy has a great horn set and is eating out of our hands!   TLBAA CI310859.   $2000

Texas Longhorn Heifer.JPG

Sovereign Sophie

On 8/17/17, RM Wide Pat "Patti" gave us this beautiful, burgundy heifer by the over 80"ttt bull, High Caliber SRC!  Sophie is a very friendly heifer and is developing nicely!   TLBAA CI309620.  $2500