2021 Heifers

Texas Longhorn.JPG
Y4 Twinkle Toes

Sovereign Sophie gave us this heifer on 12/26/21. She is also by Tuff Act to Follow! She is a very pretty red!  $2000

Texas Longhorn.JPG
Peachy Keen

Born 7/11/21, this beautiful heifer has an awesome pedigree! Look at those beautiful eyes! She is out of HIL5 Gabby and by the great HL Missing Link.  TLBAA CI333948  $5000

Longhorn Heifer.JPG
Y4 Coco Puff

This very nice black and white heifer was born 5/6/21 to Sniper's Snazzy Girl and by Tuff Act to Follow.  Very good bloodline here and a beautiful calf!  TLBAA CI332470.  $3000    

Sweet Dreamer

Calved on 4/3/21 out of TX W Dreamer by SR Clout 466.  Sweet Dreamer is a beautiful brindle and developing nicely!  TLBAA CI332473  $4000

Texas Longhorn Heifer.JPG
Ellie's Ginger Snap

Born 9/4/21, this heifer has an amazing pedigree!  Out of HIL5 Ellie, sired by HL Missing Link, by 50/50 BCB & out of the 92" D/O Miss Grande. On the bottom, you'll see Jamakizm and Horseshoe J Journey!  TLBAA CI335202.  $3000

Longhorn Cow.jpg
Y4 Awesome Baby Face

This Parker Brown cutie was calved 6/22/21 out of Awesome Sequela and by Tuff Act to Follow.  TLBAA CI333949  $3000

Y4 Busy Bee

Calved on 5/5/21, this red Brindle heifer is out of Dora the Explorer and by Tuff Act to Follow.  TLBAA CI332471.    $3000