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2021 Heifers

Texas Longhorn.JPG
Y4 Peanut Patty

Patty is another one of our special CTLR heifers from the DWD Ranch. She was born 10/24/21 out of DWD Freya by Cuidado. She has some special genetics and should have great twist. Cattleman's Texas Longhorn Registry (CTLR)  $700

Texas Longhorn.JPG
Y4 Sunny Delight

Sunny D is another cute heifer from the DWD Ranch stock. She was born 8/11/21 out of DWD Lobelia by Cuidado. She will have the old-school twist and should be a very nice cow!  CTLR, $700

Longhorn cow.JPG
Y4 Cutie Patootie

This heifer was born 10/7/21 out of DWD Senora Pintada by Cuidado. Cutie is a CTLR heifer that should produce some very nice, tight twisted horns! We are excited to watch her develop over the years!  CTLR, $1500

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