SR Michelob 508  

Michelob is our current herd sire.  This award winning bull comes to us from the Struthoff Ranch ​who are known for producing great quality Longhorns!  Mick was calved 5/15/15 by SR Madden 552 and out of Cahill 57.  He is a complete outcross to Rio and Tuff bloodlines while still being 2000 lbs and over 80"ttt. He has a lot of foundation genetics... all for only $1,500!  TLBAA BI92237

Texas Longhorn Bull.JPG
Texas Longhorn Bull.JPG
Tuff Act to Follow  

Tuff is our jr herd sire and we have high hopes for this little bull!  This thick boy was born 4/29/18 and is son to the world's longest horned bull (over 102" tip to tip) - Cowboy Tuff Chex and the over 83" Safari's Joan Elsa SRC.  TLBAA BAI96702.  

For reference - Tactical Star Force 

Tac was a great young bull we bought as a calf.  He did a great job for a couple of seasons and then we reluctantly sold him to another family.  Tac's calves are thick and colorful!  TLBAA# BI93506