Longhorn Cows

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HIL5 Gabby

Calved on 9/28/18, Gabby is a beautiful black and white, full bodied young cow doing a great job with her first calf! She is out of Little Miss Gigi and by Mutual Fund who gives you Jamakizm and the incredible Horseshoe J Journey.  

TLBAA CI317822.  $10,000

Texas Longhorn Cow
Y4 Frankly Scarlett  

Calved on 4/5/18, Scarlet is dark brindle and beautiful!  She is out of RML Princess Van Horne by our former herd sire, Tactical Star Force.   She did a great job with her first calf! TLBAA CI313704.  $3000

HIL5 Scarlet

HIL5 Scarlet was born 3/10/18 to EOT Mornina 749 by Mutual Fund who gives you Jamakizm and the incredible Horseshoe J Journey! She has some great twisty-horned genetics and is raising a beautiful bull calf by HL Missing Link

 TLBAA CI312598  $5000

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Heaven's to Betsy 

Betsy is a beautiful and colorful first time momma who was born 10/29/17.  Betsy is out of our super colorful 2LB Glory Hallelujah, by 2LB Quigley.  She is a super gentle cow that eats out of our hand!   TLBAA CI310859.   $2500

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Sniper's Snazzy Girl

​"Snazzy" was born 6/6/17 out of EOT Henry's Star by the great Bronze Winning bull - Sniper (86" TTT)!  Snazzy is laid back and super friendly! She has a beautiful, rich, shimmering black coat that photos just can't do justice!  She's been a great mom with her first calf.   

TLBAA CI307426    $10,000

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Moonshine Mist

​"Misty" was born 4/11/17 to our beautiful Classy Grey KCC and sired by JTW Testosstyrone of the great Tejas Star!  She is a very pretty strawberry roan and and she has developed nice lateral horns. She's doing a great job with her first calf - a colorful heifer! 

TLBAA CI307425.  $3000

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SR Bowie's Amber 456

Calved 4/14/14, this Bowie Texa daughter has horns that started down like her sire’s and then grew to look like those of her dam, TX W Sweet Tooth. These beautifully banded and large-twisting horns measured 73½” TTT with 87” TH on 11/13/2020.  TLBAA CI293446.  $3000

TX W Dreamer.jpg
TX W Dreamer

Dreamer was born 2/27/13 by TX W Blitzkrieg out of Wiregrass I Dream Too. She is a big-bodied, colorful cow with nice black tipped horns. Besides being calm and friendly, she does her job well, producing a big healthy calf each year. On 11/13/2020, Dreamer measured 75” TTT with 82½” TH. 

TLBAA  CI290154   $3000

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Suzzie EOT 082

Suzzie came from the Billingsley Ranch and Bowman breeding, born 11/5/10 by Mustafia EOT out of EOT Outback Suzzie.  Suzzie is very calm, gentle, and horns near 80" TTT.  She's a looker with her burgundy and white colors.  TLBAA C274387   $5000  ON SALE:  $2000

Texas Longhorn Cow
LLL Brash N Sassy

This beautiful brindle cow was born 6/1/09 by Maximus ST and out of LLL Gunman's Sassy (a full sister to the legendary bull Gunman).  Sassy is a large bodied cow, great momma who has given us all heifers, & throws that brindle! 

TLBAA CI300205  $5,000

Texas Longhorn Cow
Awesome Sequela

Awesome Sequela is a a gorgeous parker brown cow born 8/23/08 from the Ohlendorf's program going back to the great Jones Ranch. She is by Awesome Alamo out of Sequela, a Gunman. She is thick & colorful with big black tipped horns close to 80"ttt. 

TLBAA CI260162.  $5000

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HIL5 Pattie Q

Pattie was calved 8/11/18 by the Jimmy Jones bull - Mutual Fund which gives you Jamakizm and the incredible Horseshoe J Journey.  She is out of Miss Pattie EOT and is very calm, cool, and collected!  Pattie is doing great with her first calf from HL Missing Link!  TLBAA CI312600  $15,000

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Y4 What's Up Buttercup

Buttercup was born 3/26/18 out of LLL Brash & Sassy by Tactical Star Force.  Sire and dam were both brindle and she is brindling  nicely.    She has a beautiful heifer for her first calf! 

TLBAA CI312239   $6500

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Y4 Astounding Annabelle

This long legged girl was born 12/21/17 out of the tall, droopy twisted horned JTW Emperor's Eva and by Y4 Maverick Man.   TLBAA CI311685.  $4000

Texas Longhorn Cow
Sovereign Sophie

In 8/17/17, RM Wide Pat "Patti" gave us this beautiful, burgundy heifer by the over 80"ttt bull, High Caliber SRC! So you have Top Caliber on top and Touchdown of RM on bottom! Sophie is a very friendly young cow with horns rolling over.  TLBAA CI309620.  $4000

Texas Longhorn.JPG
Enuff Roses BCB 

Born 2/2/17, Rosie is by Tuff Enuff Chex (Cowboy Tuff Chex x BL Safari Sue) out of Ring Around the Rosie BC (Working Man Chex x Ringa Dinger).  She is a tall Parker Brown, calm, young cow with a very feminine face.  She did a great job with her first calf! 

TLBAA CI309230.   $4000

ZD Tuesdays Child.jpg
ZD Tuesdays Child

Calved 3/1/16 out of LLL Gunsmoke's Tuzy by ZD Jamadan. With her beautiful coat and twisting horns, this gentle young cow is a standout! On 11/13/2020, her horns measured 67¾” TTT with 82” TH.  TLBAA CI301741   $3000

Texas Longhorn Cow
2LB Glory Hallelujah

Born 4/9/2013, "Halle" is definitely a favorite!  Her colors really pop on a sunny day!  She is very calm, eats out of your hand and is a great mother to her calves!  Her horns are very pretty and measure in the mid 70s.  She is by Terossa Damn Lembo aka Survivor.  TLBAA CI286438  $4000

Texas Longhorn.JPG
Cheer About This

"CAT" is a super friendly, 83" TTT cow born 5/6/12 by the awesome Houston Solution out of Easterly's Assistant Coach. We've been amazed at her great disposition and conformation.  She has nice full utters and raises great calves!  TLBAA C285324.  $4000

Y4 Longhorns
RML Princess Van Horne

Princess is a flashy, beautiful cow by the legendary bull Tejas Star and out of a beautiful JP Rio Grande daughter - SDR Rios Princess.  She was born 5/20/10 & is a great milker, calm, super cow with horns in the low 70s.  She has given us some beautiful heifers!  

TLBAA CI267667.   $5000

Texas Longhorn cow
Dora the Explorer

Dora was born 6/25/09 to M Arrow Dazzler and Circle S's Pretty Lady.  Dora has impressive horns near 80" TTT and is a great cow who has given us all heifers!  She is friendly, beautiful, and a joy to have in our pasture!  TLBAA CI267566.  $5000

Registered Texas Longhorn Cow
Classy Grey KCC

This is a very colorful Longhorn! She has this summer coat and an all black and grey winter coat! Grey was born 5/15/08 by Grey Boy KCC and out of Last Classy KCC. Grey is closely related to multi time Champion Steer Wow KCC.  Grey's progeny are very colorful!

TLBAA CI292209   $3000

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