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Texas Longhorn Links

Lynn and Josie Struthoff have a beautiful Texas Longhorn ranch outside of San Antonio.  The Struthoff Ranch uses great genetics and takes joy in providing top quality registered Texas Longhorns.  

Ross and Curtis Ohlendorf are terrific people who offer quality Texas Longhorns outside of Austin, TX.  We are honored to own Longhorns from their program and we highly recommend visiting their site and contacting them with questions.  

Home of "Pretty and Productive" Cattle

Brent and Cindy Bolen at the Bolen Longhorns are great folks with some amazing Longhorns.  They are owners of many great Longhorn Cattle and are very willing to help others get started and succeed in breeding Longhorns.  Visit their website for more!  

Arrowhead Cattle Company Web Site features some great information and links for Longhorns!  Visit their website for Official Horn Measurements - TLBAA, ILTA, and TLMA official horn measurements can be found only here; the LARGEST LONGHORN LINKS page on the Internet; Semen Hub - The best deals and the biggest variety of Longhorn & Deer Semen available on the internet; Gallery of Horns - The exclusive reference collection of all the longest horned cattle in the industry; The Sale Arena - View all the great Registered Texas Longhorns that ACC has to offer.

The Double Helix Ranch has great Longhorns and their website offers a wealth of information.  David Hillis is one of the leading evolutionary biologists in the world and has published several articles on Texas Longhorns and their genetics.  "We specialize in studying and promoting the genetic traits that make Texas Longhorn cattle unique, interesting, and valuable."

The Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA) is a nonprofit organization working to protect the integrity of the Texas Longhorn by providing guidelines for desirable breeding practices, promoting public awareness of the breed, advancing the scientific knowledge of historical and future breeding practices, recognizing breeders and increasing the number of breeders registered with the organization. 

And for a great business education... Visit this site!  Hook'em!

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