Longhorns for Sale

We try to keep a couple marked down in the Sale Pen!
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Y4 Classy Diamonds

Calved on 4/28/20, Classy is tall and beautiful!  She has a feminine face and is of our very pretty Moonshine Mist by the large SR Michelob 508 off the Struthoff ranch!  TLBAA CI326410. 

ON SALE - $900

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Y4 Peanut Butter Fudge

Calved 3/26/20, this beautiful heifer is popping out spots every day!  Her dam is our beautiful Dora the Explorer and the sire is the magnificent, over 2000# bull SR Michelob 508 off the Struthoff ranch!.  TLBAA   CI326409  ON SALE -  $900

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Steer from SDR Rios Rockette

Rockette is a beautiful, colorful, twisty horn cow that is also priced very well.  Her steer was born 5/18/20, by the over 2000lb SR Michelob 508!  He'll make a great pasture pet or show steer!  $600

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Allied Victory

​SDR Rios Rockette's 2016 Steer was born on 7/9/16 and sired by 3G Red Caliber.  This guy has some incredible horn growth and is very well built!  Great bloodline to boot!  

TLBAA# SI65862.  REDUCED $1000

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