Longhorns for Sale

We try to keep a cow or two marked down in the Sale Pen!
Texas Longhorn Cow.JPG

Y4 Ladybug

SOLD***  Born 3/10/19 to our over 80" Cheer About This and by Tactical Star Force, this heifer has a deep body and very pretty feminine face!  Both parents have plenty of horn and color - all  the genetics are there!  TLBAA CI320377.  

Tx Longhorn Cow.JPG

3G Flaming Chex

"Chex" was born 4/21/09 by Shadrac and out of Miss Sage Chex PC 93.  She is is the granddaughter of Shadowizm and great-granddaughter of Coach.  Chex is a large bodied cows with 6 feet of distance between the tips of her horns!  She is gentle and eats from your hand.   TLBAA CI266808.  $1750